Spicy Lamb Chops
A portion of juicy lamb chops flavoured in Steakout spices and grilled on the charcoal
* Spicy Chicken Wings
A portion of 4 chicken wings seasoned in Steakout spices cooked on the charcoal
* Chicken Strips
4 Strips of lightly seasoned chicken breast grilled on the charcoal
Mixed Grill
A sizzling mixture of lamb chops, chicken wings & chicken strips
* Chicken Cheese Balls
Fine shreds of chicken breast covered in crispy battered cheesy spicy potato
* Cheese Balls
Cheesy spicy potato covered in a crispy batter
* Onion Rings
A portion of large hand-cut onion rings fried in batter and served with balsamic vinegar
Prawn Dippers
Marinated prawns pan-fried in bread crumbs and served with tartar sauce
* Mozzarella Sticks
Delicious deep-fried breaded mozzarella sricks served with tomato sauce
Soup of the day - served with fresh bread
Freshly prepared Chef's soup. Ask for details
* Buffalo Wings
Classic chicken buffalo wings tossed in hot sauce served with ranch dipping sauce on the side
BBQ Beef Ribs
Humungous BBQ'd beef ribs, flavoured and grilled to perfection.
* Sampler Platter
Can't decide? Why not go for a sampler of any four of the above marked appetizers.
Serves two or more.
Beef Steak Cheese Burger
Flame-grilled Sirloin beef burger with cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato & cucumber
Gourmet Beef Burger
Classic Gourmet Burger with tomato, gherkin, lettuce & mayonnaise
Gourmet Chicken Burger
Delicious Chicken Gourmet mix with lettuce, tomato and mint mayonnaise
Steakout Chicken Burger
Tandoori-style chicken burger with cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato & cucumber
Chicken & Mushroom
Deliciously made diced Chicken, sliced mushrooms fused in a creamy sauce and wrapped in a puff pastry shell
Lamb Pie
Cubes of prime Lamb fillet blended into a delicious spicy sauce and wrapped in a puff pasty shell
Shepherd's Pie
Classic Shepards Pie, seasoned minced beef topped with potato mash and cheese
Delicious freshly baked baguette with your choice of meat filling, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato & cucumber  
Chicken, Beef or Chicken Tikka £4.95

Our famous Steaks are flattened and marinated in our secret original spicy braai based family recipe, served on a sizzling platter with fried onions and chosen sauce on top! (Warning: Served on a VERY HOT Platter)


A more western style Steak, cut thick, lightly seasoned and served with a light Salad garnish.

A succulent flavourful cut taken from the back muscle, the chewier option for those classic Rump lovers
The top sirloin is a juicy cut taken from the centre of the loin
Philly Cheese Steak
Straight out of Philadelphia USA, delicious sliced Beef Steak with caramelized onions and melted cheese
A HUMONGOUS mouth watering, full-flavoured, classic cut of prime beef on the bone, a real succulent cut all the more perfect once done Steakout style
Rib Eye
A popular and juicy steak taken from the beef rib. Extra fat makes this especially tender and flavourful
Rib Eye on the Bone
Delicious juicy cut of marbled Rib Eye kept on the bone for that added flavour
A prime cut of Fillet Steak, the tenderest cut of all, the Fillet has a rich, buttery texture and flavour that is all the more enhanced by our special charcoal grilling
Succulent and juicy tender chicken breast grilled to perfection
A favourful steak of lamb fillet cut across the grain to show the traditional lamb texture
Tilapia fillet with its great rich flavour shallow fried makes the perfect lighter steak
Classic Tuna Fillet Steak, lightly seasoned and charcoal grilled

Steakout Very Hot
A blend of hot Steakout spices in a sizzling gravy sauce

Created with fresh mushrooms fused in a rich creamy sauce

Pepper Sauce
Perfected traditional ground peppercorn sauce, the perfect sauce with any steak

Creamy gravy with a hint of garlic

Chilli Tomato
For those tomato lovers, a tasty tomato sauce with a hint of chilli

Onion Gravy
A delicious smooth Onion gravy

The classic Argentine garlic and parsely sauce perfect with any steak

(Additional sidelines £1.95)

Chips, Rice, Mashed Potato, Garlic Mash

Chicken Caesar Salad
Strips of grilled chicken with lettuce and croutons in a classic Caesar dressing
Cherry Tomato & Rocket Salad
A delicious simple cherry tomato and rocket salad drizzled in olive oil
Veggie Burger & Chips
A crispy coated vegetable-based burger topped with the optional cheese
Penne Arrabiata
Penne pasta cooked in a spicy tomato and garlic sauce
Spicy Potato Wedges £1.95
Masala Chips £1.95
Vegetables £1.95
Corn n Cob £1.95
Chilli Corn n Cob £1.95
Spicy Rice £1.95
Fried Egg £1.95
Sweet Potato Mash £2.95
Fish Fingers
Traditional cod fillet fingers wrapped in bread crumbs fried to a golden brown
Beef Fillet Strips
Small strips of Beef Fillet seasoned and grilled on the charcoal
Chicken Strips
4 strips of chicken breast seasoned lightly, grilled on the charcoal
Fish Cake
Breaded Fish Cake fried to a crispy golden brown